Friday, March 16, 2012

Talking point: Amnesty International’s mouth stumped by its tongue

Peter Splinter, Amnesty International’s representative to the United Nations, commenting on Sri Lanka, said that Sri Lanka’s position on issues of human rights is akin to someone who, having murdered his parents, is now demanding sympathy on account of being an orphan. 

It is now clearly established that Amnesty International (AI) has received funds from LTTE front groups and that as such its position on Sri Lanka has been compromised beyond salvation. While AI’s unholy friendship with pro-LTTE groups and operatives has been well known for quite a long time,its assertions regarding Sri Lanka are, not surprisingly, informed by the wild claims made by terrorist proxies. Read more....

Channel 4 playing professional fouls

Channel 4 in its new release has alleged that the doctors who had made various statements to international media when they were serving in government hospitals during war time in Wanni, have changed their stance due to pressure by government while under custody of Criminal Investigation Department (CID). If the doctors recant their eyewitnesses they would be imprisoned under Sri Lanka's Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA), it has alleged. 

This seems another loony allegation level against the government of Sri Lanka by the CH 4. The fact remains true that when the doctors in NFZ, they were entirely under control of the LTTE. The doctors were well aware of the repercussions they would have to face if they say anything against the Tamil Tigers. So they had spoken for them giving exaggerated civilian casualty figures, blaming security forces of arbitrary shelling on hospitals and so on and so forth to the international media. This they had done only for the sake of their survival and to treat the injured they later revealed.   

Channel Four comes up with yet another baseless allegation

The Ministry of Defense in Sri Lanka yesterday noted the release of a new video by the Channel Four based on the alleged HR violations during the final stages of the humanitarian movement the country went through with the LTTE terrorist group. 

The Ministry categorically rejects the above video as baseless and unacceptable. Referring to the first such defamatory video released by the same source, it was announced that when the Sri Lankan government proved beyond doubt that the footage featured was definitely technically engineered, all media groups which were ready to support channel four did not respond. Channel four itself was unable to prove the authenticity of the first video once the Sri Lankan Government publicized the actual footage which was a part of the documentary done in 2010-2011 by the ministry of Defense for public awareness both local and international.
It is noted that the Channel four has come up with the second and similar video aiming at defaming Sri Lanka at the current UN summit for Human Rights held in Geneva. The Ministry of Defense rejects all allegations of human rights violation stating that it is able to prove with valid evidence that it was the LTTE that committed gross violation of human rights over the past three decades. 

The Channel Four had the opportunity to present the said information to the LLRC officially and take action internationally against HR violation. Instead they opted to air the video purely given the fact that they are unable to prove the authenticity of the footage if confronted by a responsible body. 

The video aims to impress on the international community that thousands of lives were lost periodically with no provable supporting evidence.
Courtesy : MCNS

LTTE's money talks again

Channel4 has come up with another disgusting piece of journalism aimed at tarnishing Sri Lanka's reputation. We deny outright the wild allegations contained therein.
The programme is yet another example of western media arrogance in dealing with or claiming to report on the emergent and developing world. Sri Lanka may be in focus at the moment, but it will be another developing world country in the not too distant future. 

The programme represents nothing more than the self-indulgent and deeply-flawed focus of self-selecting, middle-class white elite. This white, western elite is represented by British journalists, British politicians, British international bureaucrats, Canadian and American Human Rights activists - all of whom were commenting on the internal affairs of a sovereign state. Read more...

Sri Lanka asks: Why is Prabakaran’s son death any different from Children killed by LTTE?

“In using an image to cry foul and accentuate Sri Lanka’s guilt of war crimes, the international community must first answer why a terrorists son gains importance over other children who have over 3 decades been hacked, knifed, shot or killed by suicide attacks?” Read more...

Thursday, March 15, 2012


Sign the Petition


Free sovereign independent Sri Lanka does not need anyone to set timetables for its peace process nor external bodies to monitor it.

let none forget that burning question; “where is the solution to terrorism?” for which Reuters responded with a two word answer : “SRI LANKA”

While the world is wallowing in the mire of terror, from Syria to Shimla, Sri Lanka is now at peace.

Healing has already begun as a natural phenomenon amongst people at social interaction level, because form time immemorial the diverse communities HAVE lived in trust, friendship and in harmony never needing any facilitation from the outside world.

We the people of Sri Lanka whose very cultural precepts advocate good will towards one another, implore the International Community to restrain from pressurizing us by resolutions because our timetable is in conflict with the international community’s timetable.

Is it seriously a good enough reason, after 30 years of indiscriminate killing, to impose these forms of timelines and sanctions upon a country just making an erudite reconciliation between its people who are still hurt and wounded by the repercussions of war?

Now in Sri Lanka, reconciliation and healing, is akin to a newly cultivated field, the seeds have been sown, the plants are growing, they need to be nurtured and nourished with understanding from within communities, from the government, its agencies, the temples, churches, mosques and kovils. In fact from every place where the human mind can be trajected to understand and accommodate, and above all from the International Community. The wounds cannot be erased overnight. We need the international communities help, not scrutiny.

Sri Lanka is now calm and quiet.

Her multi-cultural, multi-lingual, multi-ethnic and multi-religious communities comprising Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims, Malays, Burghers and Chetties are all living together needing good will to build a lasting peace against all odds.

With awareness that not a single life has been lost due to the ethnic conflict since Mid 2009; we ought to enjoy the accolades of the international community, not its pointedly critical finger and imposition of a timetable for devolution but rather a journey for true and fruitful unity for all Sri Lankans.

Dear Sri Lankans and friends of Sri Lanka, we value your support, so please add your voice by signing this petitionary appeal to achieve sustainable peace based on Sri Lanka’s aspirations and its own processes.



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