Friday, March 16, 2012

Channel Four comes up with yet another baseless allegation

The Ministry of Defense in Sri Lanka yesterday noted the release of a new video by the Channel Four based on the alleged HR violations during the final stages of the humanitarian movement the country went through with the LTTE terrorist group. 

The Ministry categorically rejects the above video as baseless and unacceptable. Referring to the first such defamatory video released by the same source, it was announced that when the Sri Lankan government proved beyond doubt that the footage featured was definitely technically engineered, all media groups which were ready to support channel four did not respond. Channel four itself was unable to prove the authenticity of the first video once the Sri Lankan Government publicized the actual footage which was a part of the documentary done in 2010-2011 by the ministry of Defense for public awareness both local and international.
It is noted that the Channel four has come up with the second and similar video aiming at defaming Sri Lanka at the current UN summit for Human Rights held in Geneva. The Ministry of Defense rejects all allegations of human rights violation stating that it is able to prove with valid evidence that it was the LTTE that committed gross violation of human rights over the past three decades. 

The Channel Four had the opportunity to present the said information to the LLRC officially and take action internationally against HR violation. Instead they opted to air the video purely given the fact that they are unable to prove the authenticity of the footage if confronted by a responsible body. 

The video aims to impress on the international community that thousands of lives were lost periodically with no provable supporting evidence.
Courtesy : MCNS