Friday, March 16, 2012

Channel 4 playing professional fouls

Channel 4 in its new release has alleged that the doctors who had made various statements to international media when they were serving in government hospitals during war time in Wanni, have changed their stance due to pressure by government while under custody of Criminal Investigation Department (CID). If the doctors recant their eyewitnesses they would be imprisoned under Sri Lanka's Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA), it has alleged. 

This seems another loony allegation level against the government of Sri Lanka by the CH 4. The fact remains true that when the doctors in NFZ, they were entirely under control of the LTTE. The doctors were well aware of the repercussions they would have to face if they say anything against the Tamil Tigers. So they had spoken for them giving exaggerated civilian casualty figures, blaming security forces of arbitrary shelling on hospitals and so on and so forth to the international media. This they had done only for the sake of their survival and to treat the injured they later revealed.