Monday, April 2, 2012

Truth of Channel Four Untruth

‘Singhalaya Surekeeme Sanvidhaanaya (SiSuSa)’ organized a media briefing on the 21st of March 2012 at the Hotel Omega Inn, Vellavaththa, proving that none were killed or is dead & therefore no war crimes were committed as alleged by C4 / UN in the 1st Channel 4 fake video aired by them in 2009. 

SiSuSa founder and Internet specialist Wiki Wikramarathna presented a slide show which comprised of over 200 images ‘grabbed’ from the original video on C4 website itself which he had analyzed graphically in a very comprehensive manner.

He pointed out that the video was ‘authentic’, as the so called world renowned crime video analyst Grant Fredericks had ‘analyzed’ too and given the report to the UN. 

He countered each and every word Grant had stated in the official analysis that C4 showed the world. Grant is not a forensic analyst nor a specialist on ‘terrorism’, but only a crime video analyst who was attached to the Canadian mounted police as a videographer. 

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