Monday, March 26, 2012

Lalin's Coloumn: How would the USA have defeated the LTTE? (2) 

By Major General (Retired) Lalin Fernando 
There is peace and joy every where in SL after 30 years of LTTE terror that beggars belief. In the countries that the USA has decided to help by invading, torturing, urinating, sodomizing, raping and murdering there is not. Instead, on an average, there are daily about 25 being killed in Afghanistan and Iraq and less in Libya, thanks mainly to the leadership of the USA.
Had SL, when a earth shaking victory was nigh, acquiesced to pressure from the West for a ceasefire to be followed by negotiations, the LTTE as it had done at each and every ceasefire would still be carrying out never ending assassinations, suicide and baby brigade attacks in towns and cities, murder attacks on isolated villages and bombings of public places, trains, buses and utilities. The 300,000 hostages would have probably all died long ago if one accepts the accusations of deliberate starvation and lack of medicines made by Sewage 4 media of Snow and Weiss. 

Further the USA and the West would have forced SL to consume their patented devil’s brew that ruined every country that quenched its thirst for liberation from them. That is the incontrovertible truth that Butenis and Blake etc cannot deny.

All SL would now ask the West and its stooges is to state how they would have taken out the 10-15,000 conventionally well armed cadres of the LTTE that had an ersatz air and piratical sea element, while holding 300,000 hostages captive .

The USA should look at its own track record. Its Attorney General has said recently that the USA can and will kill its own citizens even in a foreign country if they posed a threat to the safety of the USA. It should reflect on its decision to nuke Hiroshima and Nagasaki which it justified by the ‘law’ of necessity’. The fire bombing of German cities in WW2, killing nearly a million in each including Dresden that did not have even one regiment or an anti aircraft gun, was apparently done with barbaric not tactical motives. Read more...