Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Shenali Waduge

Sri Lanka’s delegation presently at the Geneva sessions of the UN Human Rights Council are facing a barrage of onslaughts on the theme of “accountability”. For a country that has become the only nation to defeat terrorism and put an end to sporadic acts of terror with bombs, suicide and assassination this is an achievement no other nation is likely to achieve. Instead of bouquets Sri Lanka receives bricks – why because Sri Lanka jerked the happy existence of too many factions benefiting from the prevalence of terror. The whole “accountability” sing song is just a gimmick and a perfect modus operandi to strike revenge. Yet, given the limitations within our scope we have done an admirable job from the time the military took up the challenge to eliminate the LTTE to the present where people do not have to fear terrorism. Sri Lanka is not going to apologize for succeeding to achieve what the majority wanted just because it leaves a minority disappointed. Our message to the world is : First hold LTTE accountable for its crimes & then move on to accusing Sri Lanka. This is the order of “accountability”.