Thursday, March 8, 2012

An Open Letter to His Eminence Dr. Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith On the Role of Leaders of Catholic Faith in a Sovereign State.

Prof. Hudson McLean

 Your Eminence
As a Catholic, with a deep respect and a feeling of patriotism towards Sri Lanka, I respectfully address the issue, with regret,  on the behaviour of Bishop of Mannar Dr. Rayappu Joseph, acting as a racist and openly supporting anti-Sri Lankan sentiments, supporting Division & Terrorism.
Furthermore, as a Tamil Nadu immigrant, Bishop Rayappu Joseph is demonstrating exactly the opposite of Catholic principles, setting a poor example to Catholics in his Diocese. The fact that the visiting Catholic delegations from Tamil Nadu, turned their religious pilgrimage into a Racist Rally on Sri Lankan soil, under the patronage of the Tamil Nadu Bishop, was tolerated by the Sri Lankan Hosts, showed the difference in mentality. Read more...