Sunday, March 18, 2012

Miliband’s campaign: Blind to the truth and bedding falsehoods

So, is David Miliband having another banana moment? Mr. Beanlike pose at the 2008 Labour Conference.

Historians give credit to the British for creating most of the internal conflicts in countries which were under British colonial rule (Ex: Rhodesia, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka). 

A most apparent case study would be the British Labour Party’s decision to move from the Tories’ policy of humanitarian relief in Yugoslavia to threaten, then actual, aggression against the Serbs. By rewarding each separatist group in turn, it achieved NATO’s covert objective of Balkan fragmentation.
Having said that, why would the same Labour Party’s David Miliband be interested in interfering with a national issue in Sri Lanka soil? The latest exhibition of impunity unfolds as the former British Foreign Minister appears in yet another Channel-4 outcry of “possible war crimes”. Read more....