Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Dr. Manmohan Singh’s speech in the Lok Sabah was meant only for ‘Domestic Consumption’

By K.T.Rajasingham 
Geneva, 20 March, (Asiantribune.com):
Dr. Manmohan Singh’s reference regarding Sri Lanka and the US sponsored resolution at the 19th session of the UN Human Rights Councils conference was just meant for domestic consumption and nothing else, told an Indian diplomat to Asian Tribune.

The diplomat requested Asian Tribune to go through relevant portion of the speech about Sri Lanka very carefully. He said that there is nothing in the speech that is against Sri Lanka:

Dr. Manmohan Singh in his reply on 19 March 2012 in the Lok Sabha to the debate on the President's address responded to many issues, including that of Sri Lanka.

He addressed the Speaker of the Lok Sabah and said, “Madam, another issue which was raised during the debate relates to the state of Sri Lankan Tamils.

Some Members have raised concern regarding the situation in Sri Lanka. Read more ....