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Venkadasalam Sudeshkar: Sri Lankan on death row in Qatar – Appeal papers filed

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By K.T.Rajasingham
Doha, 18 February, (
The lawyer appointed by Venkadasalam Sudeshkar’s mother has already filed appeal in the Supreme Court of Qatar against the death sentence imposed by the Appeal Court of Qatar, on Sudeshkar’s mother has retained Dr. Mohamad Bin Ahamed Al- Mohannadi, the Qatari lawyer who appeared for him in the Court of Appeal and Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment has agreed to pay Qatari Riyal 25,000/ (Twenty-five thousand) as the retainer for the lawyer.
Asian Tribune learnt all the connected papers for appeal had been handed over to the Qatari lawyer by the Sri Lankan Embassy in Qatar and the lawyer has filed the necessary appeal papers with the Supreme Court of Qatar.
Venkadasalam Sudeshkar is a Sri Lanka from Kala Eliya, and holder of Sri Lankan Passport No. 4031544.
He arrived in Doha and worked in a wholesale market, close to the Industrial Area in Doha.
At the same time, his mother and one his relative woman was also working as House Maids in an Arabic House in Doha. At the same house, one Arif Mohideen (27 years) from Puthur Taluk, D.K. District, Karnadaka State, India, also worked as a driver.
Reports revealed that this driver was having an affair with the Sri Lankan woman who was working in the same house he was employed as driver.
Report further revealed that Sudeshkar too was involved in an affair with the same woman.
It was reported that rivalry over the woman has motivated Sudeshkar to take revenge on the Indian Driver.
According to police report, Sudeshkar bought a lethal weapon – a knife and on the following day in the night, he went and knocked at the door of Arif Mohideen- the Indian Driver and when he opened the door, it was alleged that Sudeskar stabbed him and Arif Mohideen, the driver succumbed to the stab injuries and died instantaneously.
Once the victim died, Sudeshkar, it was alleged, ran away and was in the hiding, but the police traced him and arrested him.
In the meantime, the mother of Sudeshkar and the other woman were sent back to Sri Lanka.
At the time of committing the murder, Sudeshkar was 21 years old, to be exact - 20 years and 6 months.
Sudeshkar was indicted on charges of premeditated murder and the case was filed in the Court of First Instance, Doha. Qatar Government provided Sudashkar with a lawyer to defend. The panel of judges who heard the case delivered their verdict of ‘Life Imprisonment’ on 13 March 2012.
Subsequent to the verdict of the lower court, Sudeshkar filed an appeal against the life sentence imposed on him in the Court of Appeal. At the same time, prosecutors also filed an appeal in the Court of Appeal pointing out that the victim was a Muslim and this case has to be tried under Shariah law.
The Appeal Court delivered it sentence on 31st December 2012, commuting for premeditated murder.
According to the Judicial system of Qatar, Sudeshkar can make one more appeal of his case to the Supreme Court of Qatar and the appeal has to be filed before the end of the month of February 2013.
Therefore, Sudeshkar mother has retained the same lawyer who appeared for him in the court of Appeal and the Sri Lankan Embassy in Qatar has handed over all the papers needed for filing the appeal in the Supreme Court.
In the meantime, one Iyappan Priyadharshan, a cousin brother of Sudeshkar who also works in Qatar, returned back to Doha from Sri Lanka after his annual holidays. He went and met the Sri Lankan Embassy and informed them that the family has already made arrangements of Qatari Riyal 100,000 (One hundred thousand) to be paid as blood money to the victims family in Karnataka, India. Also he has told the Embassy that Sudhaskar’s family is in contact with the victim’s family over blood money.
At the same time, victims own Brother Ameed Mohideen, who also works in Doha as a driver has too contacted the Sri Lankan Embassy in Doha and told that his family is ready to accept the blood money and grant pardon to Sudeshkar .
It is learnt that Sri Lanka Embassy in Qatar is in touch with the Deputy High Commission of Sri Lanka in Chennai, which look after the state of Karnataka also, for some legally attested documents from the victims family to be included in the appeal papers already filed in the Supreme Court.
Asian Tribunealso learnt that in case the blood money is paid to the victims family and they grant pardon, then Sudeshkar could be saved from being beheaded according to Shariah law, but it all depends on the Supreme Court to decide whether he will be immediately deported back to Sri Lanka or will be sentenced to serve for a prescribed period in prison in Qatar.
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