Thursday, January 17, 2013

Upholding silence is also a diplomatic technique states Indian Consulate officer

Thursday , 17 January 2013
“Do not think that India has not done anything because it is maintaining silence. Silence is a diplomatic technique. Even though India is upholding silence, what should be done, is operated by India “was said by Indian Consulate officer V.Mahalingam.

He made this statement at the media conference held yesterday afternoon at the Indian vice Counselors office.

 University students in Jaffna were arrested continuously. Other than this, more arrests were carried out.

Reporters queried from the Indian Consulate officer, in this disturbing situation, why Indian government is continuing to maintain silence?

In reply he said, maintaining silence is also a diplomatic method. It does not mean to do everything by promoting. It is not necessary to act by revealing through Medias.

Each country has a different method. A system is maintained by India. We do what we say. But we do not have to do by telling, was stated by him.

Consulate officer queried in relevant to the reporter's question, “Ok, you are saying that India is maintaining silence. In which issue India was in silence, notify in detail”.

Reporters commenting on this said, “We do not have ample time to furnish in detail the issues, where India maintained silence”.

In response Consulate officer said, India does not have to act by disclosing every issue. India in what manner it should do, is doing, it does not mean that India has not done anything, because it is silent.

Even though India had fulfilled with silence, its benefits were not disclosed was mentioned by journalists.

 In reply Consulate officer said, what you expected, is not that to do, if it so, diplomatic techniques are not necessary”.