Sunday, January 27, 2013

An Appeal to United Nations to ban punishments by the Saudi Regime against expatriate workers

Mon, 2013-01-28 04:04 — editor
By Zulkifli Nazim
Many expatriates from various countries who are employed in Saudi Arabia are subject to severe hardships, misfortune and afflictions because of the prevailing laws of that country.
The Saudi Government is at liberty to implement its Company Laws and recruiting and employment systems etc., but when it comes to the question of enforcement of Criminal Procedure Codes, it must be emphasized that the countries which have sent these workers, under the protection of their governments, should take precedence over Saudi Laws.
Citizens of other countries cannot be victims of such barbaric laws of the Saudi Regime. These laws are nothing but 8th Century Arab tribal customs which have been infused with the word “Shari’ah” to make it sound legitimate and religious.
Islam or whatever the religion, has nothing to do with these barbaric customs of the despotic Saudis. These barbaric laws were designed by the Saudi Regime to meet the barbaric, savage and wild demeanour and deportment of the people of their own country and it has nothing to do with those who are being employed by and in that country.
It is imperative, therefore, that every country that sends their people to work in that country must, first, ratify an extradition treaty with that country especially in respect of those employed in Saudi Arabia; and any serious crimes by those employed must be subject to this treaty for extradition of the individual to the country of origin of the worker to be tried according to the laws of that country.
The whole world is aware of the hundreds of Saudi Citizens who have committed crimes in foreign lands being extradited and/or repatriated to Saudi Arabia.
Saudi Arabia cannot meet the desperate demands of the necessary workforce for their sustainability and economy and hence they “import” people to do their ”dirty” work for their own benefit. My question is “Why should these skilled, sem-skilled and unskilled people with various disciplines and vocations, advertised and sanctioned by the Saudi Regime, and who have actually gone there to fill the absolutely essential vacancies, demands and needs of various occupations in Saudi Arabia, which the majority of the Saudis are incapable of, be subject to any form of Saudi Laws of barbarism?”
This arrogance of the Saudi Regime had gone on unabated and unquestioned for too long a time. Don’t you think that it is high time that the representatives bent on achieving justice to all nations – vis-à-vis – The United Nations and all their members, step in at global level and every individual government of every country take action at national level, enforce the most urgent and essential action to eradicate this menace and threat to the expatriate workers in Saudi Arabia?
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