Sunday, April 15, 2012

The evil axis – LTTE, Tamil Diaspora & the International Community
Posted on February 13th, 2012

Shenali Waduge

Like all terror groups, LTTE earned its status. To be known as a deadly terrorist movement, to be feared and to be able to gain international notoriety the LTTE had to kill. From assassinations, to bombing civilians & economic targets to mastering the suicide bombing the LTTE has redefined terrorism. Is there any terrorist organization running its own police, judiciary, levying taxes, own healthcare & educational infrastructure? Has any terrorist group been treated like VIPs? What terrorist group is allowed to run international offices, hold demonstrations and even hold tete a tete with foreign Government officials? Ask the Scandinavian truce monitors, Scandinavian peace facilitators, a host of foreign diplomats, UN officials & INGO representatives to reconfirm the truth behind this statement. In understanding this fact it becomes easier to understand why an end to the conflict was never really meant to be and not because the Sri Lankan army could not defeat the LTTE previously. There were too many influencers internal & external that made defeating the LTTE almost impossible. 

 It is therefore not advisable to compare LTTE terrorists with other terrorist groups for no other terrorist group this century has been given clemency by the international community as the LTTE has enjoyed over 3 decades. If this seems too harsh a statement the international community may like to ponder over its role in the existence of the LTTE and realistically look upon what the international community could have done but chose not to do.